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Our Mission

Working with writers, editing their work, and listening to their ‘publishing’ experience were the reasons Footprints Publishing was established. It was apparent that confusion and complexity was a common experience.
It was time to end the confusion and simplify the process.

To date, we have published fiction and non-fiction, children’s picture books, memoirs, historical fiction based on true characters and contemporary fiction.

Our speciality – good stories that will inspire the reader, provide enjoyment and even an escape route.

Perhaps you have already started writing and need guidance or you have written your story and don’t know what to do next. Fact or fiction, Footprints Publishing is here to guide you and assist you in achieving your book dream.

Reach out to us, we enjoy hearing from you

Claudette has been an editor since 2012 working on a range of genre. She is the owner of Footprints Publishing, founding the company to provide a personal, hands-on experience for writers. Claudette is fascinated by family stories believing they keep our history intact, not losing it for future generations.

Once upon a time, a librarian, she is an avid reader and owner of many, varied books, books will always play an important part in her life.

Anne-Marie is a qualified library technician with extensive experience in local government libraries and school libraries, in Western Australia and South Australia. She has a Certificate in Copy Editing and Proofreading and has been a contributor with Footprints for two years where she combines her extensive experience in the book promotion and literacy sector with her skills in proofreading and editing and a very keen eye for detail.
Anne-Marie also worked as a bookseller in an independent bookshop and loved it! It’s all about books.

Zoe is a lover of art and the English language. She has studied games art and design, English and creative writing, and has recently completed an editing and publishing degree at Melbourne University. Her art has focussed on digital illustrations of varying styles. Find her on Instagram @artbyzoesheina

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