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Get to know each other, what do you want to achieve, who is your audience, what services do you need? What level of editing will be required. Do you have a specific timeframe in mind?

Either structural editing or copy editing and proofreading. Proofreading is critical to the end result, it is a fresh set of eyes reviewing basic but important details.

The all-important layout or typesetting. This includes the size of the book, the layout of images if they are required and making sure there are no ‘widows’ or ‘orphans’ i.e. keeping sentences intact and not leaving a few words all on their own. And the cover, every book needs one.

Ensuring key elements are in place such as an ISBN and barcode. A final proofread and format check. Proof copies are provided prior to the actual print run being done.

Title registration and legal deposit. Publicity and marketing advice. Assisting with a book launch and the distribution setup, if required.

What we do:

  1. First, we meet with you to review your manuscript and discuss the services you want to use.
  2. Then we provide a detailed quotation for production based on your required services.
  3. Once you are happy with the services you have selected and the quotation, we send you a contract to sign which includes a detailed breakdown of stages (milestones) and when each payment is due. 

Setting Expectations

  1. We are transparent about all our costs and services, which is why we provide detailed breakdowns of what will be involved in publishing your book. Please bear in mind we include one review at the end of each stage but subsequent reviews may incur additional fees. We will always alert you if extra work or reviews are needed.
  2. Publishing a book takes time. Most mainstream publishers have a one to two-year turnaround. We endeavour to work within your desired timescales but if we feel a deadline is unrealistic, we will say so and aim to find a mutually agreeable alternative.
  3. Finally, you are the most important part of the process. We keep you informed of progress and engage you in every step of the journey, from origin to destination.

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