The Writer’s Journey

The writer’s journey.
Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Even if the story is ongoing, a chapter has an end, an event will have an end, a sentence has an end.

The writer’s journey has a beginning. An idea, pen to paper, fingers on a keyboard, a story plan or a brain dump – straight from the mind – hey, who cares if it’s disorganised, that will happen later.
The journey has a middle. Characters develop, situations occur, feelings revealed, the writer has a block, the block is cleared, the writer changes their mind, there’s a rewrite, a new direction, more doubts – is it readable, ‘am I kidding myself?,’ feedback is sought, feedback is received. Back on track. An end is in sight.
The journey ends. Is it a happy one? Is there an opening for more? Will the reader want more? Is there even a conclusion?

For many writers, most writers, the end takes a while to reach because of doubts and misgivings, rereading reveals elements needing correction or deletion, memories resurface and need to be added.
There comes a time however, when the proverbial ‘line in the sand’ must be drawn. Perfection is an ideal, it isn’t real. Perfection should not be the goal, just aim to do your best.
While the story, the writing, may have ended, the journey has just begun. The journey to take your manuscript and make it a book.
Many writers do not know what this journey involves. It isn’t complicated, it isn’t complex or it shouldn’t be. The process is logical, one step at a time and with each step the book comes a little closer.
Does the journey finish with a printed book? The decision lies with the writer and why they decided to write. For some it is a personal experience to be kept that way and they have reached their destination. For others, they have something to share, so their journey continues…