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linda blackshaw

Linda Blackshaw

Inspiration comes in many forms and when Linda Blackshaw, a Scottish grandma from Western Australia, saw a picture of odd socks on sticks at the beach, little did she know it would inspire her to write a children’s book about a bear with cold feet. Linda has also authored two self-help books: ‘Channelled Meditation’ and ‘Heartfelt Words to Reconnect with Soul’. Linda is available for interviews and informal chats on all media outlets.
Titles by Linda Blackshaw
A delightful picture book aimed at children three years and up and illustrated with original watercolour artwork by Amanda Schubert, ‘The Sand Bear has no Socks’ is the first of many ‘Eric’ stories Linda has in mind.
9780648714583 Paperback Nov 2020 AUD RRP: $15.00

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